Precious Joy


Purity is Precious

Looks like you found us! Hey Y’all!! I’m Precious Joy the Founder of Purity Is Precious. I wanted to take some time today, to inform you of my story and why Purity Is Precious will be ideal for you.

Let me tell you! I literally live and breathe purity. Purity is no longer a word that I’ve learn to use in multiple settings, but it’s whom I’ve become. I’ve spent countless days soul searching, discovering truths, and developing myself to become the purest form of myself possible. None of this came easy to me, but I’ve learned the importance of perseverance and pursuit of self in the highest form. Let me tell you something, in fact, I’ll let you in on a secret. The hardest part of life for me, was trying to find my place in a society that deems me as a MISFIT! Then if that wasn’t enough, I soon discovered a rude awakening! The rude awakening was the reality that I would NEVER FIT IN!! Whew! After I sobered up emotionally, I began to embrace the fact that I am a MISFIT! I chose to love my differences and the fact that I am SET APART, for a specific reason. An guess what! I LOVE EVERY BIT OF IT. I love it so much, that I’m indeed a MASTER at this purity thing. Nope, I’m not an expert as many would like to say. I’m a Master of Purity!


“Purity is manifested when the unraveling of hidden secrets are uncovered to be touched by God.”

So, let me tell you how bringing this Master of Purity in to teach your daughter(s), school, church, conference/convention, and/or Park District will suit you and better your environment. Purity Is Precious teaches women as young as 11 years of age. As a purity based organization Purity Is Precious has many different facets that we employ to bring growth to our young ladies. We are established in teaching sexual purity, virginity rebirth, rape/molestation recovery, establishing healthy mother daughter relationships, mental and emotional wellness, and the list goes on…


Let me guess. You’re wondering how do we do this? My team and I have done massive research and from experience compiled data to create multiple curriculums that have been successful in benefiting the young ladies in need. Our curriculums range from 6 weeks to 1 year depending upon the course. Purity Is Precious also creates custom curriculums for schools, communities, churches, etc. to the liking of the consumer. We’ve not only stopped there, but we’ve ignited movements such as Girl, Keep Your Legs Closed, develop as the need presents itself various masterclasses, collaborate with other partners that promote sexual purity and more.


One of the main things our young adults struggle with is shame. An shame is a beast when trying to deal with it alone. No one should struggle with shame alone. That’s why the multiple curriculums and programs throughout the Purity Is Precious organization are used to nurture, keeping our young ladies sexually and emotionally pure in every aspect.


So rather your that parent that needs support with your daughter(s). That Principle that’s looking for a program to bring change and put your school on the map to even higher success. Or that church that know this is the very conversation that’s missing in your youth services. Purity is Precious is the resource that distributes answers to bring change. Allow us to come and implement a standard that will change the lives of many young ladies, through the power of understanding, then mastering purity from the inside out. Change is happening and it’s going to come, and we are sure excited about the possibilities. As you journey with your daughter(s) alongside us, we trust that you will always remember, your Purity is Precious!


Love what you just read concerning this Master of Purity, Precious Joy?

She’s full of wisdom and has a special way of breaking down purity, the value in it, and what it means for you. Allow her to speak at your next event! We’d love to connect with you!